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Angi Brown: Exposure Therapist

Anxiety Treatment

Are you tired of your overactive anxiety? Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation and let's talk about it! 

Exposure therapy is proven to minimize anxiety. Learn more about it at your FREE 30 minute consultation!

Psychotherapy may seem intimidating or confusing, but it can be a wonderful investment in your own growth. Schedule your FREE consultation! 

Therapy is an investment in yourself. Before you begin let's meet to make sure we are a good match to accomplish what you want.  Schedule your FREE consultation today!

My Approach

I am a natural optimist especially when it comes to people and their ability to problem solve. Often, this can be is easier in the context of a safe therapeutic relationship. Each of us holds the solutions for our problems inside and sometimes it takes a bit of finagling to get those into the light, where they can be evaluated and implemented. 

About me

I have spent many years living abroad in the developing world and I appreciate that we all have our own stories and culture.

The human experience is universal, but how we meet its challenges is diverse. There is wisdom in working together.

Client, Age 27

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